What to do if Your W-2 Form is Incorrect

If any of the information on your W-2 is incorrect, you have to ask your employer to correct it and give you a new copy. The employer is also responsible for giving the Social Security Administration a new copy too. If your W-2 has to be corrected you will receive a W-2C.

w2 form incorrect

W-2Cs usually report the previously reported information and the correct information. You want to make sure that the correct information is accurate.

If you have already imported your W-2 into TurboTax, you are going to have to edit the information manually to make sure that your federal tax return is accurate. The information can be changed directly on the W-2.

E Filing With a W-2C or Substitute W-2

You can eFile with a W-2C however; you cannot eFile with a substitute W-2. You will have to print off the form and mail it off to the IRS with your return. In the event that your employer sends you a W-2 or W-2C that is different from your estimations, you will be responsible for filing an amended return.

Received a W-2 and W-2C – Which One to Use for Filing Purposes

If your W-2C was issued to correct information from your original W-2, you should only use the W-2C to file. However, if the two forms were from different employers you are going to have to enter the information from both forms. TurboTax will both handle adding up the combined incomes.

Duplicate W-2s

Sometimes employers may issue duplicate W-2s that have the same information. You should only file one if:

  1. All of the fields are the same
  2. The employer issued duplicates to report more than four items in box 12.
  3. They were issued to report employment in different states. It is common for people to duplicate their income when W-2s are issued for multiple states.

How to find your W-2 form online

Many taxpayers are going to be able to get their W-2 forms online. In order to be able to get your W-2 online, your employer has to make it available or use a company that has payroll services.

Many companies are making their employee's W-2 forms available online because it makes filing taxes easier. If you use online filing services such as, TurboTax you have the ability to import your W2 information into your tax return so you can avoid worrying about your forms being delivered via snail mail.

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